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News as of 06/27/18


Below is a list of recent changes made in Maximo and EZMaxMobile.

Known Issues - We are still investigating performance issues and issues with e-mails not consistently being delivered.

Enhancements - the CU Job Plan Variance Report was created which compares hours on Job Plans to actual hours on Work Orders that reference those Job Plans and wording was revised in SR Cancellation Maximo communication to clarify that the UFR listed is the Primary UFR and not necessarily the UFR who cancelled the SR.

Current Priorities (detailed information)

  • Upgrade Issues

  • Billing System Changes

  • EMM Calendar View

  • EMM Divided Route Enhancements

  • EMM Task Work Log Revision

  • Facility Coordinator Database Changes

  • GL Accounts on CC Locations

  • Parent WO Charge Rule

  • New Site(s) Testing

  • Grainger Vending Feed

  • Labor Charge Rules

  • Consumables Lists App