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News as of 11/28/18


Below is a list of recent changes made in Maximo and EZMaxMobile.

Known Issues - We are investigating issues with performance, direct print functionality, and "You have reached the maximum number of sessions allowed for a user." messages.

Maximo Fixes - Issues with the automated delivery of the overnight report have been resolved.

Maximo Changes - Desktop requisitions now require a work order number, the attachment icon has been modified to be more prominent, the long descriptions icon has been modified to be more prominent, queries on the Operations Management Start Center were modified, and queries on the CS/ EMCS Start Center were modified.

EZMaxMobile Changes - a My Assigned Child Work Orders button was added to the detail screen in Work Order Tracking, a new calendar view was tested to display work order by scheduled start date, and requisition descriptions are no longer erased when using the quantity buttons.

Current Priorities (detailed information)

  • SR/ WO Cleanup

  • Labor Charge Rules

  • Query Review

  • Data Auditing Reports

  • Customer Service SR Search Fix

  • WO Lead Field Usage

  • Consumables Lists App

  • Maximo for Cornell Tech

  • SR Workflow Re-design

  • Web Applications Re-Write

  • Asset Locations in EMCS

  • Completed Projects