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News as of 09/19/18


Below is a list of recent changes made in Maximo and EZMaxMobile.

Known Issues - Post-upgrade performance and e-mail delivery issues continue to be worked on by making changes to user-interface and utility servers.

EZMaxMobile Fixes - fixes are currently being tested to address the following issues: multiple attempts are needed to upload/ save an attachment to an MR, occasionally a message will appear that says an attachment upload was completed and there is still no attachment on the MR, users are presented with three folder options when adding an attachment to an MR, and upside-down question marks appear when using inch (") or foot (') symbols in MR descriptions.

Maximo/ EZMaxMobile Changes - GL accounts have been added to locations in the CC maintenance zone, WO priority level has been added in the Desktop Requisition application, the work log tab is highlighted orange in the PO/ PR applications when a log exists, GL account name has been added in the Work Order application on the details screen, a bug with the sorting feature in the Work Order Tracking application on the actuals tab was fixed, PO number was added in the Work Order Tracking application on the materials/ services actuals tabs, and a script was created to prevent transactions from being saved on newly created parent work orders.

Current Priorities (detailed information)

  • Upgrade Issues

  • Facility Coordinator Database Changes

  • EMM Completed Work Orders List

  • Modify Attachment Icons

  • Asset Locations in EMCS

  • EMM Calendar View

  • Labor Charge Rules

  • Grainger Vending Feed

  • Reporting for Task Work Logs

  • Vendor Search Improvement

  • SR Asset Warranty Notification

  • Consumables Lists App

  • Maximo for Cornell Tech

  • Completed Projects