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Recent Changes as of 04/17/18


Below is a list of recent changes made in Maximo and EZMaxMobile.

The Maximo 7.6 upgrade is scheduled for the weekend of April 28th. After the upgrade, Maximo users will immediately experience interface changes (different colors, buttons, menu appearance). The "Start Center" and "Go To" links will be located on the top left of the screen instead of the right. Other new features will be introduced and explored after the upgrade. Please note: existing processes and workflows will remain unchanged. Applications that interface with Maximo, like EZMaxMobile and Akwire, are being modified to ensure that they will work with Maximo 7.6.

All Maximo users are strongly encouraged to log into 7.6 Test and look around, so you can become familiar with the screen changes prior to the upgrade. Please log in from the Login menu above.

A special thanks to the Core Testing Group, Peggy Emerson, Kim Frost, Dean Goble, Jim Hatch, Shayne Miller, Steve Phayre, Paula Slocum, Luanne Stockdale, Samantha Strickland, and Tim Wakeman for taking the time to test to help ensure a smooth transition for Maximo users.

Standard Reports

Current Priorities

  • Maximo 7.6 Upgrade - April 2018

  • EZMaxMobile Offline Enhancements - April 2018

Upcoming Initiatives

  • Akwire Upgrade - TBD

  • GL Accounts on Locations - TBD

Maximo Roadmap